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Meet The Artist

Bible Art Words in a three generation family inspired and run business.  The company was originally formed by legendary artist, Johnny Johnson, together with his son Drew Johnson, 25 years ago to create beautiful art from the scriptures in the Bible.  After Johnny's passing in 2014, Drew is continuing to run the business out of his studio in Dallas.  He is also bringing in other family members to learn the time honorend and delicate bas-relief method, to ensure the on-going hand-crafting legacy created by Johnny will continue.   


The method used is similar to messages etched in relief in the Holy Land. The scripture you choose is then painstakingly rendered on handmade parchment paper and then beautifully framed.  This inspired artwork now adorns hundreds of walls in homes, 

churches and Universities throughout the southwest and beyond.  Every person who owns one of the scriptural Art Words has an original.

Several years ago Johnny Johnson wanted to give a Christmas card that was different from the usual slick & glitzy machine-made commercial cards.   The paper  needed to be textured, perhaps on something such as Paul wrote his letters to the Corinthians or Romans.  So he used a handmade paper, fashioned from a tree bark.  He also realized the importance of the message dictated that it should stand out, rise from the paper.  So, rather than use ink he made the letters, in bas- relief, out of a material that is essentially rock, a white, powdered stone.  The Many Names of Jesus was the Christmas card message-Lamb of God, Prince of Peace, Saviour, etc. were the words on the handmade paper.  And, so was born the first of his “tree and rock” messages. 


From that beginning came a huge demand for more and so ArtWords was born.  The cards evolved into pictures and he has done thousands since. There are now over 100 messages available and many choices of mat colors and frames.  

History of Bible Art Words

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