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        Single Mat        Double Mat


Small         $229            $329 

Small prices are for a 2" frame.  Add $20 for a 3" frame.

Medium    $389            $569

Medium prices are for a 3" frame. 

Large        $489            $629

Large prices are for a 4" frame.

Cross        $389

Cross art is with a 3" frame.


World        $829

Name plate: add $25



Rates vary between $40-$75.

Depends on size and where art is being shipped.

Art is usually shipped 1-2 weeks after receiving the order. 


A verse with a lot of words (Psalm 23) needs the gold, silver or gold-silver combination paper background.  When there are more words, the letters are smaller, and blend in with the standard paper. The colored background provides a nice contrast and allows the letters to pop, making it ascetically appealing all around. 

The most popular mat selected is the double mat with mocha and antelope.  The colors are complementary and are neutral enough to fit into any space.  These color combinations also work well when purchasing for a gift, as they will fit with most decor. 

Add a name plate to honor a colleague for their years of service or express gratitude to a loved one.



An original Art Word with a Johnson's seal and signature to assure you of excellence, and that you have purchased the real thing, not an imitation.

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